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SDG Activities

Of the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations), Kyowa is particularly focused on Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. This goal directly relates to Kyowa’s own management vision.

Kyowa’s SDG Focus

Kyowa’s SDG Focus

Kyowa aims to contribute to SDG Goal 3 GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING by realizing Kyowa’s vision to become a CNS Total Solution Company.

Kyowa’s Actions

  • Support of psychiatric healthcare by offering a wide-ranging product lineup

    Offering of pharmaceuticals and beyond, launching other therapeutic products and services in future

  • Marketing of reasonably priced generics to cut back healthcare costs, thereby reducing expenses for patients

  • Support of healthcare professionals through information provision activities

    Gathering/providing information on side effects, RMP (risk management plan for ethical drugs) activities, holding lectures, seminars, webinars and other publicity and information activities

  • Improvement of QOL of patients and families

    Engaging in activities to promote understanding about diseases and drugs

  • Outside of the CNS therapeutic area, launching of Japan’s first anti-HIV generic